Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Best Calling cards of the month

Thank you for visiting Prime Calling Card News section. Today I am going to discuss about some of the best Calling Cards from of this month. This  month survey shows that the following are the best international minutes calling available in the market:
1. CHATTERBOX £5:   Maximum minutes to African destinations with Chatterbox
2. FREE TALK £5 : Rechargeable Free Talk Calling Card gives you free minutes on every card.
3. FREE ZONE £5 : Free minutes with Free Zone
4.iPHONE AFRICA CARIBBEAN £5 :iPhone quality for African and Caribbean countries.
All these cards are availbe to buy from our website. Please visit latest cards section to purchase them. We also have some of the special offers available for this month. Please click here to view the deals.
If you need further information for individual cards, call our friendly support team and they will be happy to help you to select the best minutes giving card to your destination country. Our support team will be availabe for chat 24/7.
Our aim is to bring best deals calling cards to you.

Mega Vigor Calling Card with Plus Minutes

Mega Vigor calling card has in recent times proven to be a popular card for destinations with high per minute costs, especially Africa. The Mega Vigor Plus card has been launched with improvement and bigger minutes, pretty much a version 2.0 of the popular Mega Vigor.
The card has no text option for increasing minutes but definitely adds up to 40% more than the previous card. We highly recommend this card to call Ghana, Nigeria and other popular African destinations.
When you purchase the Mega Vigor Phone Card online or in a shop – the first choice you will have to make is which access number should to use.
Mega Vigor access number to use will depend mostly on your preference. We have highlighted below our advice for best use, which is calling the 03 access number and you may actually be able to make your phone card last longer and make slightly cheaper calls abroad.
In general most customers prefer the 02 local access numbers which give more minutes when compared to the 0800 number. Mega Vigor will never let you down and always gives you mega minutes to Africa plus more.